Hi, I'm Niki.

I’m a slightly chaotic yoga instructor, filmmaker, photographer, musician, philosophy and psychology enthusiast, history nerd, an expert in clumsy and a hopeless idealist.

I'm on a mission to help creators like me - those who often feel alone, scared, never enough, never ready - to find their voice and confidence so that we can all bring the stories that are brimming in our heads to life and share them with the world.

I see yoga as a great companion and an ally that can help us flow through life with a little more ease.

I mostly reside in Zlín, Czech Republic, and sometimes in Cardiff, Wales.

I love connecting the dots between science, spirituality and philosophy. While they are great as stand alone disciplines I believe the real magic happens when they all meet.

Because everything is connected!

When I'm not teaching yoga, you can find me with a camera in the woods or at a wedding, typing away - head in a faraway land, lost in music, wondering in the woods, mountains and on rocks, excessively worrying for no good reason, tripping over cable protectors designed to... avoid tripping over cables.

My story

From medical school prep to filmmaking and yoga.


únor 2023: Škola jógy zdravě – axiální systém, pánev, zdravý pohyb – Punk Jóga Brno – Mgr. Daniela Čechmanová

říjen 2022: Cvičení s kojenci a batolaty – školení, fitMAMI

August 2022 Mental Health Aware Yoga Summit, II, Dr. Lauren Tober

January 2022 Mental Health Aware Yoga Summit, Dr. Lauren Tober

2020-2021: Brett Larkin’s Uplifted 200 Hrs Yoga Teacher Training

2016-2019: BA (Hons) Film Production, University of Gloucestershire, UK – 1st Class Honours

2012-2016: Gymnázium TGM Zlín (Czech Republic) 

20 min – vedená hluboká relaxace



[email protected] (yoga & collaboration)

[email protected] (photography)

[email protected] (Balance Your Act)

+ 420 727 970 825 (CZ)

+44 7796 491242 (UK)