Move you body, stretch your mind, free your power.

Yoga for everyday life.

In my classes and courses I love to combine yoga teachings with modern science and psychology so that you can adopt practical tools and techniques to help you flow through life with more ease.

Jóga Zlín. Jóga ve Zlíně.
20 min – vedená hluboká relaxace

jóga nidra – uklinění


Hi, I'm Niki.

I'm a filmmaker, yoga teacher and an expert in all things clumsy. I'm based in Cardiff, Wales and occasionally in Zlín, Czech Republic.

I see yoga as a great companion and an ally that can help us flow through life with a little more ease.

I love connecting the dots between science, spirituality and philosophy. While they are great as stand alone disciplines I believe the real magic happens when they all meet.

Which means yoga is not by far the only topic I nerd out about. I love to add bits of psychosomatics, neuroscience, psychology and more into my teaching and personal practice.

Because everything is connected!

Oh and I also do a lot of photography, some writing, I wonder around the woods and trek in the mountains and I tent to marvel at historical sites across the world.

My story

From medical school prep to filmmaking and yoga.


únor 2023: Škola jógy zdravě – axiální systém, pánev, zdravý pohyb – Punk Jóga Brno – Mgr. Daniela Čechmanová

říjen 2022: Cvičení s kojenci a batolaty – školení, fitMAMI

August 2022 Mental Health Aware Yoga Summit, II, Dr. Lauren Tober

January 2022 Mental Health Aware Yoga Summit, Dr. Lauren Tober

2020-2021: Brett Larkin’s Uplifted 200 Hrs Yoga Teacher Training

2016-2019: BA (Hons) Film Production, University of Gloucestershire, UK – 1st Class Honours

2012-2016: Gymnázium TGM Zlín (Czech Republic)