Hi, I’m Niki, an aspiring producer based in Cardiff, Wales.

I love making the impossible happen, finding solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems and bringing ideas to life.

I’m known for being able find the silver lining and a smile in the darkest of situations and I thrive in ever-changing environments that require constant learning and readjusting.

I’m also a slightly chaotic yoga teacher, philosophy and psychology enthusiast, history nerd, an expert in clumsy and a hopeless idealist. 

[email protected], +44 7796 491242

I graduated with a degree in Film production back in 2019 but I was forced to put my filmmaking career on hold for several years to take care of my health. I admit it had been very frustrating at times but so much good has come from it in the end!

I had not only put myself together but in the last two years I had the great privilege to help others as well by teaching mental health aware yoga and stress-management.

I intend to keep doing that whenever I can through Balance Your Act – community, inner work and yoga space for creatives.

But now the time has come for me to get back to creating!


[email protected]

+44 7796 491242 (UK)

+ 420 727 970 825 (CZ)